FOTB: Gay Asian Episode: Free Viewing + Panel Talk Back

Fresh Off the Boat TV Show

We are co-sponsoring a free community viewing of “Blind Spot”, a gay Asian episode from Fresh off the Boat!

Everyone is welcome, so do invite your friends, family, and allies. Let’s stand together and uplift the API LGBTQ community!

Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015, 7pm – 10.30pm
Stonewall Inn, 53 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014

Show starts at 8pm.
Asian LGBTQ panel talk-back from 8.30pm – 9.15pm.

GAPIMNY Presented Workshop at Columbia University

GAPIMNY Members with Clara Yoon

On Feb 15, 2015, representatives from GAPIMNY joined Clara Yoon from API Project PFLAG NYC in presenting a workshop on LGBTQ issues in the API community at Columbia University.

The workshop was part of Columbia University Asian American Alliance’s annual Crossroads High School Conference, a leadership conference for young API students to explore aspects of their identities within the contexts of a increasingly diverse API community.

Sex/gender/sexuality identities were discussed, which then transitioned into a discussion on how the “coming out” process is unique for API people. Presenters and participants shared personal stories of their experiences with the process. The workshop concluded with the distribution of resources to local organizations that serve the LGBTQ API community.

Ask a Gaysian!

Ask a Gaysian


GAPIMNY is debuting Ask a Gaysian, an advice column/blog on all things gay and Asian. We want to talk about all things gay and Asian, e.g. coming out, friendship, love, race, gender, immigration, LGBTQ issues, and more.

Got a burning question or a story you want to share and need advice or thoughts? Ask us!

You can email us at with the subject “Ask a Gaysian” or you can anonymously post a question on our page.

Learn more about Ask a Gaysian here:

Note: We use “gay” but we will be talking about all things queer. As for “Asian” we mean specifically Asian American issues, though we may touch upon issues in Asia.

DowneTime Presents… March Movie Fest!


The weather is starting to warm up, and it’s time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones!

Join us for a memorable evening as we screen several Queer Asian short films and movie clips, followed by a discussion.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided!

This is a FREE event for queer, questioning, and transgender self-identified males in their teens and twenties who identify as Asian/Pacific Islander.

When: Thursday, Mar 19, 2015, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Where: CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, 55 Hester St, New York, NY 10002

DowneTime is a confidential support and discussion group for queer, questioning, and transgender self-identified males in their teens and twenties who identify as Asian/Pacific Islander.

Valentine’s Day Spotlight: Jason & Ken

Jason and Ken

How did you meet?

We first met through mutual gaysian friends at a house party in Brooklyn-we barely spoke and Ken did not even remember meeting. It wasn’t until months later when we were both dancing across the room from each other at The Ritz that we actually took notice of each other and the rest is history.

What is one thing that you appreciate about each other?

Jason: To be really specific, I appreciate when Ken brings me breakfast in bed. I appreciate how sweet and thoughtful he is, not only with me but with everyone. He has a natural optimism that is uplifting to be around.

Ken: Jason has the biggest heart and a tender soul. He is always willing to listen and lend a hand whatever the situation may be. I know I will always get good pillow-side chat at the end of every day.

What’s one of the most challenging issues you faced as a couple?

Most recently we moved in together which is now great, but the moving process was at times stressful-we both had to make various arrangements and get everything in order, in addition to balancing work, family obligations and so forth.

Overall, the challenges we face are more so external to our relationship. There may be external dynamics that may come up for each of us individually, but we try to be supportive of each other and we both try to be mindful of how those dynamics may impact how we are with each other.

How does your family react to your relationship?

Our families are generally very supportive. We spend a lot of time with each other’s respective families on a regular basis. Early on in our relationship, Jason went to a family wedding of Ken’s and met a large part of his family very early on. As for the night at The Ritz that sparked our relationship, Jason’s siblings were all present and approvingly witnessed the blossoming of our romance. For now, Jason’s parents are having a difficult time with acceptance.

Jason and Ken 2

What traditions do you have as a couple that sustain the relationship?

Friday is our official date night. Eating spicy Szechuan food is another tradition.

What other issues do you think queer API couples face?

Unfortunately, there’s a real lack of visibility and representation of what our relationships as queer APIs look like.


Check out last year’s couple, Kyoung & Danny.

Looking for love?  Come out to GAPIMNY’s Elixir Happy Hour tonight at Boxers Hell’s Kitchen from 7-9 PM.

Help our families understand what it means to be LGBTQ and API.  Join us this month to queer the Lunar New Year.

Support Group for Gay Asian Mandarin Speakers

Chinese language

In order for there to be a private space for our Asian friends to discuss issues touching on gay sexual orientation, GAPIMNY will be setting up a support group (language of communication will be Mandarin). This support group will be open to all gay, bisexual, queer men of Asian descent. If you are interested, you are welcome to send an email to (with the email subject ‘Chinese support group’). We will be in touch as soon as we can!

为了让亚洲朋友有一个专属空间能够自由的讨论一些关于男同志性取向的话题, GAPIMNY 将会建立一个小组 (沟通语言将会是中文). 这个小组将开放给所有同性或双性恋(或非异性恋)的亚裔男性. 如果你想参与, 欢迎你发电邮到 (题目标签-”中文小组”)。我们将会尽快和你联络!

Immigration Executive Action & LGBT Asian Americans / South Asians

The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance presents:

Immigration Executive Action & LGBT Asian Americans / South Asians
What’s Left Out, And Our Next Steps

Immigration attorneys and advocates will explain President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Presenters will highlight the special concerns and impact of administrative relief on the LGBT Asian American / South Asian immigrants. Specific emphasis will be on visas for professional workers, student visa OPTS, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Childhood Arrivals (DAPA).


  • Cyrus Mehta attorney representing corporations and individuals in business and employment immigration, family immigration and asylum.
  • Sin Yen Ling, attorney at QLA, the public defender office in Queens focusing on a criminal immigration issues.
  • Suman Raghunathan, Executive Director of South Asian Americans Leading Together

Thursday, February 12, 2015, 6pm – 8pm
Project Reach in Chinatown, 39 Eldridge Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10002
Individual attorney consultations and reception with light refreshments to follow.

For more information and to RSVP, click here.

2015 Planning Retreat

GAPIMNY SC Planning Retreat 2015

Two weekends ago, the 2015 Steering Committee gathered in midtown Manhattan for a very productive two-day planning retreat. We’ve streamlined our mission statement and planned an exciting line-up of events for the rest of 2015!

To recap, here’s the 2015 GAPIMNY SC slate:


Co-Chair: Jason Kwong
Co-Chair: Ryan Shen
Administration Chair: Jason Tseng
Communication Chair: Clement Chan
DowneTime Chairs: Kevin Du and Kevin Park
Finance Chair: Richard Lou
Fundraising Chair: Rafael Flores
Membership Chair: Dennis Chin
Political Chair: John Cheng
Social Chair: Danny Taing
Social Media Chair: Taimour Chaudri

Members-at-Large: Jason Wu, YG Lee, Khanh Le, and Patrick Lin

2014 Annual Report

In 2014, GAPIMNY had…

  • 53 events (see below)
  • 6 stories in the news
  • 14 Steering Committee Members
  • Dozens of volunteers
  • $5,300 spent
  • $7,600 raised (membership dues, donations, fundraising)
  • And countless queer Asian and Pacific Islanders (API) reached!

As an all volunteer group, we are proud of our involvement in the community.

You can support the queer API community by becoming a

For 2015, the new 16-member GAPIMNY Steering Committee met for two days to plan the next two years.  We look forward to another exciting year!

Review of 2014

January General Meeting (GM): Queering the Lunar New Year
Online elections
February Manhattan Chinatown Lunar New Year (LNY) Parade & Post-Parade Lunch
Flushing LNY Parade
Steering Committee Planning Meeting
Online Survey
Online:  Profile of a GAPIMNY Couple
March DowneTime Serve the People Exhibit
NQAPIA Community Catalyst Awards
Film Screening: Front Cover
April GAPIMNY 35+ Brunch
API PFLAG:   Asian American Parents Who Love Their Queer Kids
DowneTime Body Image Discussion
GM:  Gearing Up for API & Pride Months
2 Elixirs, Friday Happy Hours
May May Day March
GAPIMNY 35+ Brunch
Exhibit:  Graffiti Art
DowneTime Community Dinner
GAPIMNY in DC for Immigration Reform
3 Elixirs
June GAPIMNY 35+ Brunch
Queens Pride Lunch
Post Queens Pride Party
Manhattan Pride Sign Making & Karaoke Party
Trans Day of Action
Manhattan Pride March
Post-Pride Party:  Color Me Queer
2 Elixirs
July GM:  History of QAPI in NYC
Film Screening:  Gay Korean Documentary
DowneTime Summer BBQ (closed event)
GAPIMNY 35+ Brunch
Asian Pride Project Exhibit Kickoff
NQAPIA Summit in Philly
2 Elixirs
August 2 Elixirs w/ Gay Int’l Happy Hour Meetup Group
September Youth Group from Japan
Show:  Draw the Circle
Film Screening:  Our Marriages
DowneTime Fall Hike
2 Elixirs
October Fall Upstate Retreat
Elixir / Fantasia
November Dance Workshop
December Queens Pride House 17th Anniversary
Elixir / Holiday Party
     Total 53 Events in 2014
Holy Kao!: An Evening of Celebration and Laughter

Holy Kao: 30 Years

Project Reach, an organization that serves many queer youth, has graciously provided its community space for innumerable GAPIMNY events for many years. Don Kao, a co-founder of GAPIMNY (pictured above), has been with Project Reach in all of its 30 years. They will honor and tenderly roast Don Kao. They are fundraising $60,000 for a new initiative: Social Justice Freedom School.

Thursday, February 5, 2015, 6pm – 9pm
Holy Kao!: An Evening of Celebration and Laughter
Steelcase Showroom
Corner of W 58th St and 8th Ave
RSVP form. Donations.